This is a selection of the latest projects. More works available soon.


Unorthodox Methods | Complete Artwork for Los Angeles based indie electronic band.

Vrademargk | Cover and complete Artwork for the band's latest album.

Denial Machine | Cover Artwork for the band's latest EP.

Kauze | Complete Artwork for The Rise To Power from Kauze.

Synarchy | Complete Artwork and logo redesign for Tear Up The World, the second album from Synarchy.

PDP | Complete Artwork for Mass Delusion, first full length album form Groove Metal masters PDP.

Nagasaki | Complete Artwork for the Madrid based Hard Rock band debut.

The Apocryphal Order | Complete Artwork for the Faroese Thrash metal band debut.

Rome In A Day | Complete debut EP Artwork for Washington based band.

Maleït | Complete artwork for Black/Death Metal band's debut EP.

Denial Machine | New Artwork Cover for the American metal band for their EP.

Synarchy | Complete artwork for Faroese Melodic Death Metal band.

Vulgar Sense | Artwork for Rodrigo Madero Promotional EP.

Killem | Complete artwork for spanish Progressive Thrash/Death masters.

Glassmoon | Complete artwork and logo for female fronted Progressive Metal band.

Excalion | Cover artwork and logo design for finnish Melodic Metal combo.

Denial Machine | Cover artwork and Logo for debut album.

Personal Proyects


Impale The Sun | T-shirt and backdrop design for American Metal Band.

Synarchy | T-shirt design for Faroese Melodic Death Metal band.

Eden's Curse | T-shirt design for highly acclaimed multinational UK based Melodic Metal band.

Warchetype | T-shirt design for Barcelona based Doom masters.


Maleït | Promotional poster.

Prettyface | Concept posters for upcoming movie directed by Jessica Janos.

Earth | UK tour poster 2009.

Vortice | Gig poster.